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Maybe Our Youth Should Take The Lead in HIV Prevention Efforts?

Last Friday in the US, National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was commemorated. There were a lot of activities held on social media platforms to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS infection rates among our youth. I encourage you to search any social media platform using #NYHAAD and #SpeakOutHIV to see what these activities were, read the information that was shared back and forth among organizations, youth, and those interested in this issue, and I guarantee you that you will learn some new things. Today I don’t want to write much but rather I want the HIV/AIDS statistics among our youth to speak for themselves. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, many pictures will be worth a long winded post on the issue. First let’s hear from our young people:

1. The problem is that most infected youth are unaware of their HIV statuses:

2. Sadly, there are a lot of youth infected:

3. These youth unaware of their HIV positive statuses are having sex with their uninfected peers, meanwhile the disease continues to spread:

4. We adults remain squeamish about speaking to our youth about HIV/AIDS even though we know that we need to do it and that they want us to speak to them about it:

5. Here is what we need to do for our youth:

6. Here are some of the most affected subgroups of youth and what we can do for them:

Youth from minority communities:

Young women:

Young men who have sex with men:

Youth living with HIV:

I feel that my cause/case of speaking to our children about sexual-related matters is getting well, shall I say….. old? What do you think, do these statistics speak for themselves? Should we be galvanized into action and start doing more? I wonder, maybe the answer to reversing these high infection rates among our youth is to start working directly with them so they can effect changes for themselves, for the sake of their futures and that of the next generation?

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